Aleks Hammo is a podcaster and philosopher based in Naarm (Melbourne), and his main project is the ”Aleks Listens” podcast 

“Aleks Listens” started out as an interview project in mid-2018, and has since become a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary podcast which investigates philosophy, politics, race, and mental health

Notable guests include:

Peter Singer (philosopher)

Julian Burnside (human rights advocate, barrister)

Good Morning (musicians)

Tom Ballard (comedian)

Ed Fornieles (artist)



2015-2017 LLB(Hons)/BBiomedSc, Monash University

2018-2020 BA (Philosophy, First Class Honours), The University of Melbourne

2019: King’s College, London 

2020: University College, London 

2022: Philosophy Honours, The Australian National University


2018— Aleks Listens Podcast

2018— Radio/Podcast Presenter, University of Melbourne

2019-2020 Radio/Podcast Presenter, King’s College, London

2020-2021 Presenter at MPavilion

2021 Presenter on behalf of the Philosophy Society, University of Melbourne

   2021— Beginners Philosophy with Aleks

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