Aleks Hammo is a philosopher, podcaster, and digital content creator based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia.

Aleks’ podcast, “Aleks Listens,” started out as an interview series in mid-2018, and has since become a podcast, video, and writing project which investigates philosophy, politics, race, and mental health

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Notable guests on my podcast include:

Peter Singer (philosopher, AUS)

Simon Critchley (philosopher, NYT writer, UK)

Julian Burnside (human rights advocate, AUS)

Flex Mami (tv host, author, influencer, AUS)

Tom Ballard (comedian, AUS)

Ed Fornieles (artist, UK)



2015-2017 LLB(Hons)/BBiomedSc, Monash University

2018-2020 BA (Philosophy, First Class Honours), The University of Melbourne

2019: King’s College, London

2020: University College, London

2022: Philosophy Honours, The Australian National University

2022: Software Engineering, General Assembly

My projects:

2018— Aleks Listens Podcast

2021— Beginners Philosophy with Aleks


Brief work experience:

2018—2021 Radio/Podcast Presenter, University of Melbourne

2019—2020 Radio/Podcast Presenter, King’s College, London

2020—2021 Presenter at MPavilion (public interviews in front of audiences of 150+)

2021 Presenter on behalf of the Philosophy Society, University of Melbourne

2022— TripleRRR Host

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