aleks listens is a podcast about philosophy, politics, race, and mental health  

aleks listens takes the shape of long-form interviews, and solo introspective analysis

aleks listens started in 2018

notable guests:


dr. peter singer AC (Princeton)

dr. l. a. paul (Yale)

dr. eileen barker OBE FBA (LSE)

dr. greg restall (Unimelb)

dr. graham priest (CUNY)

dr. dan halliday (Unimelb)

dr. adrienne stone (Unimelb)

dr. maria alvarez (King’s College, London)

dr. shahar avin (Oxford)

dr. sanjay modgil (King’s College, London)

dr. jonathan gingerich (King’s College, London)

paul mikhail-podosky (Unimelb)

kelly herbison (Unimelb)

dr. sally haslanger (MIT, forthcoming)

dr. david chamlers (NYU, forthcoming)

dr. p. m. s. hacker (Oxford, forthcoming)

creators, artists, musicians, comedians, politicians

tom ballard (comedian)

julian burnside AO QC

madison griffiths (writer, podcaster)

dr. paul cammell (psychiatrist, philosopher)

dr. charlie bresler (co-founder: the life you can save)

good morning (musicians)

pia cattapan (influencer)

sumena owen (artist)

ed fornieles (artist)

omsk social club (artist)